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  • >>The *Hyperr_SkarfF_iCE* is not a continuation of the Hyperr_SkarfF1. It is a version of it. While traveling through multiverses via the >Stochastic_Jump_Service.function<, we encountered a version of our reality where the scarf was dipped in Diamond Ice rather than The Fiery Flames. We managed to acquire a few pieces of it and decided to smuggle them via a complex echo node system as to not get noticed by the SecuriDrones™, and got them here via SeaLink.


    The scarves were packaged in a vacuum, since the moment they come in contact with oxygen of our reality, they must be touched by the primary user >> they are known to form an inhuman bond with living species. Be careful as to place them on your tenderest skin, their parasitic claws will soothe you in the most sub-zero temperatures. This is the natural trait of Diamond Ice Dipping, common in multiverse sector 775z.


    >.><WARN1NG — contains hyp333r.t3xXt


    50,00 €Price
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